There are plenty of lecture videos available on the digital human rights subject. Yet, some of them clearly stand out. Here are three that I found particularly interesting for my understanding of the matters. For me this is alltogether 3.5 hours of mindblowing footage.

Data jouralism is a comparatively young approach to reasearching the behaviour of data sources, the way fake news spread or many more interesting backgrounds. Michael Kreil tells us (in German) how exactly he researched his stories and what insights he gained.

The Chaos Computer Club (CCC) is probably the oldest and one of the most reknown organisations in Germany on hacking and Internet issues. They are consulted quite often by media or high rank officials when cyber security is at stake. This lecture (in German) Martin Tschirsich tells us about health apps and why health data are so especially sensitive. Spoiler: Still not a single company was able to properly protect them – and it is even questionable is this is technically possible at all, over a period of 20 – 30 years and with all the new developments to come.

This furious lecture (in English) the US-american Internet activist Cory Doctorov gives a well-structured overview over the developments during the last year 2018/19. Most of them appear in a quite negative light, to say the least. But this may also give plenty of inspiration for activism concerning the decisive matters for the next years. From Re:publica 19 in Berlin.

Bonus: An unforgettable appearance of Chelsea Manning at the Re:publica 18 Conference in Berlin.
She is currently imprisoned again for refusing to testify against Julian Assange.